Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont


In the department of “Why We Can’t Have Nice Things…”


I’m waiting for the disclosure of the elite hacking group Fozzie Bear being involved.

(Cyber, Cyber; Waka, Waka.)

ETA: Looks back at article: WaPo. Perfect.



Oh sure. Bring “management” into it. :wink:


They’re targeting Bernie?


Dan Haggerty - Nazi-Elf Hunter!


Fucking Vermont


I thought they hadn’t?


psht… can’t trust that lame stream media…

boingboing is just a bunch of liberals sitting in their mom’s basement writing this stuff.



There’s no good reason to assume Russia was involved. They found some malware on a machine that APT28 uses, but which isn’t exclusively used by them. Unfortunately the (very imperfect) docs the gov’t released as guidance for protecting against APT28 are being interpreted poorly.


That and someone at the company told WaPo the sensational story and the company came public later clarifying it with a local paper, which is what the Greenwald story is about.


Well, if you check the timestamp, my post was before the one you cited. In other words, before that was made clear and public.


Fair enough! I saw this after… so you know how brains make assumptions…

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