Russian mosquito "tornado" terrorizes the Kamchatka Peninsula

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Sure, the males don’t bite, but you’ll still get them in your mouth and nose and eyes.


To clarify, “Sharknado” sharks also cannot bite you, not because they are males but because they do not exist.


Kamchatka - the first place on the Risk board to conquer…



Next on “Whirling Dervish Animals”!

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As far as a moquitornado. Just set out a giant electric mosquito trap :smiley:

Who had mosquitonado?
So, Floods, Thunderstorm of Hail and Fire, now Flies. Very biblical, Old Testament stuff.

It’s cold. It’s remote. It’s Russia. To these strikes against living the good life there

McCarthyism never died in America, did it? The fact that it is in the country of Russia alone is not a strike against it.

Sorry, but this really gets my heckles up. Germany has always had a different relationship with Russia than other Western countries have but it should be clear to everyone that demonising a place and it’s people is not the same thing as rightly criticising a regime.


So your Chamber of Commerce is also in charge of doing things that get it negative sanction by anticorruption and organized crime stuff while also giving out harm to just general persecuted groups? Samesies, nothing to do? Rough week if so, my condolences.

More warmth => Less permafrost => more wet bits => more mosquitoes?

And I thought our drive years ago through a midge-cloud was epic.

Those Russkis got nothing on us or our Minnesota American mosquitoes. Way back in the 18 oughts there was such a proliferous abundance of mosquito tornadoes that they dang well lifted up the border with Canada at the 49th parallel and drug the whole thing 25 miles into Canada. It happened at Lake of the Woods You can look it up, it still sets there today

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