Russian security firm Kaspersky threatened to 'rub out' rival, email reveals


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I did not know anyone still talked this way.


And yet NPR continues to take their money and run their sponsorship spots…


Don’t think AVG needs the help. They already managed to brick a bunch of their clients’ PCs with one update all on their own.


Non olet.

Refusing money is stupid.


Not always.

They may not be able to justify refusing the money (given the realities of running such a massive operation purely on listener donations, corporate donorships, and the tiny stipend they get from the Fed), but that doesn’t mean they should take it. Doing so means their coverage of this story becomes suspect, at least a bit. Doesn’t mean they can’t do a good job on this story, but it can influence the tone of reporting.


Ooo! I always loved that cartoon; haven’t seen it in decades.


I run the Kaspersky PURE suite on all my machines, I works better than AVG: why should they need to worry about an inferior competitor?


Why should anyone lend any weight to your experience and opinion, even if genuine?


I do not think “rub you in the outhouse” means the same thing as “rub you out.” Even in English they aren’t remotely the same. Do we have any Russians?


So, I have worked for some of the companies mentioned, and many competitors. In the labs. Like, where this would be a problem.

I am 100% sure some serious drunken bloviations are what occurred. Every av person knows to take competitor detection rate with a metric ton of salt.


“He was quoting from Vladimir Putin’s famous threat a decade earlier to pursue Chechen rebels wherever they were: ‘If we catch them in the toilet, then we will rub them out in the outhouse.’” But I agree, “rub them in the outhouse” would be a different threat indeed!


Because their worry is about their inferior competitors copying their stuff.


This is taken out of context, insofar as it’s interpreted as an intent to literally murder. It is a rather tasteless joke at the expense of Chechens (or so the article says), but hey, Russians.

The method of “rubbing out” is to regionally seed their research with false positives so that if anyone copies it, it will backfire. Apparently they did this in China to great effect, again according to the article. I also suspect that “rubbing out” is an English translation. It may even be a literal English translation, but slang is notorious for being corrupted that way.

I don’t really have a problem with what they’re doing. It could easily backfire on them, and it would only affect their competitors if they were actually copying Kaspersky’s product without further analysis. This happens quite a lot in tech, and especially in infosec, btw. I doubt that they would be using such a risky tactic unless they were fairly sure that someone was ripping them off.

The more interesting question is whether Kaspersky is being fed information and clues by the Russian intelligence services. They’re either incredibly good, or getting a little bit of help from people who know things they “shouldn’t”.


Rub them out also has certain … connotations.


It’s an odd translation to English. The literal translation of the Russian word used is “soak”, but it is common slang for “to kill”. So - whack, ice, smoke? “Rub out”, apart from the other connotations that you mention, sounds 1920s.


Yeah, I had to ask myself if it wasn’t an error in translation. Did he say “rub them out” or “rub them off”?


Would they rub someone out if they were rubbing one out in the outhouse?


yeah…means something quite different these days.

yep, sure does.

hopefully the rubber uses a rubber

wait…developers of modern anti-virus are regularly using outhouses?

outhouses that can fit more then one person at a time?


And probably illegal in Russia :wink: