That "ransomware" attack was really a cyberattack on Ukraine


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I assumed this was the case when it first showed up in Ukraine.


Kapersky has been in the news recently.


I was holding off judgment because Rosneft was also hit early on, but I suspected that it was collateral damage from another testbed attack in Ukraine.


I suppose cyberwarfare is kind of like poison gas. It blows around.


The Ukraine has long been the Russian testing ground for new military strategy from Russia.


This is something I never really considered in this previous thread about the ransomware attack: that ransom was a red herring for sending a general “fuck you” to Ukraine. Pretty diabolical.


I’m sure this show of love and affection will send the Ukrainian people running back to Mother Russia’s loving embrace.

Seriously, WTF? This is wife-beater territory.


Funny how these sophisticated hacks always include obvious clues pointing to Russia.


This (or something similar) happened to our website.

We went “LOL, nope,” and wiped the entire install and reinstalled from our backups.

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