New clues in WannaCry ransomware attack point to North Korea and Kim Jong Un


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Not an RE myself, but any clue where I can safely obtain the binaries?


That would explain why my copy of Red Star OS has been unaffected. :thinking:


Well, if true I guess this means the chances that anyone is going to be punished for this is pretty much zero.


If I was the author of Wanna Cry Ransomware, this is exactly the clue I would have tried to plant there.


Ok so now NSA finds a bug. Decides to weaponize it instead of alerting whomever was supposed to fix this thing. Than they let their “software cruise missile” get stolen. And than all of a sudden it’s Kim Jong to blame. Obviously, next logical step is to go thermo nuclear on Pyongyang?


Makes sense. $300 is serious money in the DPRK.


Well then, this will totally justify the millions of deaths in Seoul once America attacks Pyongyang.


Cyber-gangs? Is North Korea a lawless land, where criminal gangs operate at will? Or are we now politely tiptoeing around the manifest likelihood that the Kim regime committed an act of terror and it went out of control?


If I was the NSA I’d want to point the finger at someone we aren’t on good terms with, instead of you know, Russia…


I’m actually surprised that Russia is not being blamed for this yet. Nowadays Russia is already blamed for everything from Trump to causing acnae. Plus that country actually has a lively community of cyber-gangs operating ransomware for years now.

On other hand that country was hardest hit by this, including many government institutions.


What about dead in Pyongyang?


Don’t worry, The Donald won’t be able to find the place on a map, so most likely he’ll nuke Burma by mistake instead.


Wait, so a North Korean virus is an opportunity to announce Trump’s innocence? What a deft maneuver!


How did you jump to that conclusion?


I just don’t believe this.


A cheap trick to distract?


It’s a closed country, they only show outsiders what they want us to see. Maybe behind that curtain it is a futuristic cyberpunk landscape, with console cowboys and cybernetically augmented shadowrunners with thermal vision cybereyes and animated programmed tattoos doing battle in the streets against megacorporate security to secure justice for those cast aside by the wealthy elite.


In cyberpunk ROK, AI t-shirt wears you!


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