North Korea did not hack Sony, says security researcher


Oh that’s just crazy talk! Just because the US government has proven over and over again that they will lie, cause unnecessary fear, break the law, and violate the rights of citizens doesnt mean that they are out to lie, cause unnecessary fear, break the law, and violate the rights of citizens!

Now go enjoy your holiday season as you never know when it might be your last because North Korea hates you, Jesus, and your freedoms.


Couldn’t possibly be both? Couldn’t possibly be that NK used a disgruntled employee to execute the hack, could it?


but I don’t even have any freedoms… :disappointed_relieved:


You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to see that blaming North Korea is quite convenient for the FBI and the current U.S. administration.

I don’t think blaming North Korea is convenient at all for the current administration. Contrary to the previous administration, the Obama administration has been much less antagonistic to North Korea–no “axis of evil” here. They are not looking to raise tensions with the DPRK, even if doing so allowed them to enact more cyber legislation. So, I’m not disagreeing with the author’s other points, but the argument that it’s convenient for the administration is weak–it could in fact create all sorts of difficulties for them.


I became convinced it was not N Korea after seeing the G.O.P. response to the F.B.I.


The result of investigation by FBI is so excellent that you might have seen what we were doing with your own eyes.

We congratulate you success.

FBI is the BEST in the world.

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which linked to

The FBI was trolled and trolled well.

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Sure, everyone from some obscure security site to Joe ‘false-flag!!’ dimbulb-commenter, has better tools, brains, and budget to get the truth than the FBI, CIA, DIA, and NSA put together.

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Brian Krebs, one of the most respected cybersecurity researchers in the world, has an article on why he thinks it probably was North Korea.

Maybe it is all a stitch-up by the FBI, but I don’t think we can conclude that without reservation yet.


All my freedoms are stored in a thing called a bank. You get them out of a hole in a wall when you push some buttons. But you have to have some other people topping up your freedoms. Maybe you need to get some new, or more, topper-uppers?

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If I pay Seth Rogan to punch James Franco in the nose, I am responsible for it. I mean, so is Seth for doing it, but I’d be held responsible too.

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It’s not the {FBI’s, CIA’s, NSC’s} tools, brains, or abilities that people doubt – it’s their motivations and their willingness to lie and deceive.


FWIW, from what I’ve heard from folks in The Industry, Sony recently laid off its entire IT staff and outsourced its IT operations. No shortage of disgruntled former employees there, I’d say.


I guess I believe it’s possible that the attack was not N Korea, but why with all the Benghazi backlash would Obama go on a press conference and say it definitely was N Korea if he wasn’t really sure?

s/be held responsible/get credit

We know.

Also, SONY is a major force AGAINST free speech.

But, the media.

The dog has been wagged again.

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Wait. Can you actually arrange for that to happen? 'Cause I suddenly have this great kickstarter idea.


Point being, the FBI used the words 'responsible for", not “conducted by”.

A distinction with a difference.


All within the 24 hours it took the FBI to announce NK as the culprit of the hack, either Obama became a cyber security hacker and traced all the clues by hand for himself, or he is simply reiterating what he was told / is told to say.

Conspiracy bonus points: the last president to make his own decisions, and for the good of the people of the US, was removed from office by a magic bullet!

Another thought just dawned on me… is Sony an American company?

Sony Corp of Japan bought Columbia pictures in 1989, so probably the studio doing this movie came from the Columbia acquisition.

Checking their website they are part of the Sony Corporation of America, which is the US headquarters of Sony Japan.

So really Sony is ultimately owned by Japan. I wonder how this figures into N Korea, it sounds like it doesn’t at all… does it?

What if the FBI were responsible for the existence of North Korea?

What if enemies of the state were responsible for the FBI?

What if King George I were responsible for the USA?

Aaaarh - it never ends, it never ends …