S. American presidents vow to recall ambassadors from Europe over Bolivian Snowden panic plane incident

Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay will withdraw their ambassadors from European countries involved in last week’s grounding of the Bolivian president’s plane. The incident was sparked by false rumors that NSA leaker Edward Snowden was on board. We’ve taken a number of actions in order to compel public explanations and apologies from the European nations that… READ THE REST

Morales is due abject, groveling apologies from all involved, but I would be very surprised.


If Snowden makes it to South America, maybe he’ll take in the tourist sites, like the mass graves where journalists are buried.

Must be quite scenic then. Heard they had the help of real experts on the matter.


South America is a huge freaking region with very distinct countries, each with very distinct governments, cultures, ethnicities and histories. Comments like this piss me off because of the haughty first world superiority, if not plain old racism. Oh, PS- all the dictators in modern day Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay were supported by the US; the current governments which support human rights (even for the poor!) are at odds with the US. Ugh, ragequit, ciao.


We are seeing a lots of these articles recently. Basically they are highlighting hypocrisy. A question has to be asked though. Why do we not see so many of these articles damning US hypocrisy every time it complains about another country’s actions?

For example.

  1. “US accuses Syria of using chemical weapons, ignores its own.”

The article could include US use of White Phosphorus in Falluja.

  1. “US targets terrorists in Afghanistan, ignores it’s own terrorism.”

The article could cover the US being condemned by the World Court for it’s terrorist acts against Nicaragua in 1986. US involvement in the Beirut car bombing in 1985. etc

In fact, you do see flurries of this kind of article in response to US actions/accusations, but not in the US media. Media is hardly ever objective in its reporting. It’s why foreign protesters are celebrated, but home-grown protesters are condemned/marginalised. It’s why newspapers demanded to know what right Russia had to force civilians to leave Grozny, but remained silent over Fallujah.

When you flip things around like this, the current articles stick out like a sore thumb.


Your move, Russia.

Well, good for them.

He should, get a cold reminder about the bitter fruits of U.S. backed neoliberalismo. They should make sure to invite some Libertarians to have a look too. Call it The Grand Reagan/Friedman Tour…

Really, man. You don’t get the joke about your post?

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Amen. Believe this.

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