Snowden offered asylum in Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua


NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has been offered asylum in three latinamerican nations: Bolivia, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Bolivian president Eva Morales made it clear that his country’s offer was directly inspired by the grounding of his presidential jet on the way back from a meeting in Russia (the US authorities and several European nations collaborated to… READ THE REST


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olivian president Eva Morales made it clear that his country’s offer was directly inspired by the grounding of his presidential jet on the way back from a meeting in Russia…
[/quote]Who knew that spite could be such a powerful tool for freedom?


I wonder if that private jet is still available from that wikileaks contributor?


: D ^2

Who knew that imperialistic hubris and blatant disregard for the rule of law (let alone diplomatic convention, not to mention basic respect and decency) could ever backfire?

Go and get fucked, Uncle Sam : D


I was actually hoping the U.S. had overstepped their boundaries enough for this to happen. Shame on you, European lackeys!




**?? (Morales)


Anyone have any thoughts on which of the three would be preferable? Most news I hear about them is filtered through the lens of the US and Canadian media. Nicaragua I think of as a place to get kidnapped and held for ransom. Venezuela I know they have oil and the rich people there really hate the current government. Bolivia I think I saw President Morales on a Daily Show interview a while back and quite liked what he was saying. Oh, and they have some really scary mountain roads that were shown on Top Gear.



**?? (Morales)

Don’t cry for me, Bolivia?


Even when he didn’t do it, Morales was hassled, they’re gonna hassle him anyway, no matter what he does or doesn’t do. His crime? Getting elected. So he might as well do it now.


I wonder which country would provide the better living conditions for Snowden? The danger will come when he’s no longer in the news. Thats when the NSA will go get him…


It’s astonishing to see how short-sighted and downright wrong-headed the NSA and its cohorts are showing themselves to be over this. As an American, I’m embarrassed and outraged. As a believer in American values, I’m ready to puke.

This administration is losing its mind.


I cannot WAIT until the whole Snowden thing dies down so we can start discussing the information on the NSA he actually leaked. It is interesting for reasons on confirm the information is most likely accurate. I mean, apparently they REALLY want his ass. But when do we start getting into the meat of the freed information?


Given a choice I’d go for Bolivia or Venezuela - with an option to go back and forth. Nicaragua is nice, but very poor. The man’s going to need to work eventually, and there would be more opportunity in the other 2 countries.


Howay man, it went completely off the rails well back. It’s blatant contempt for all of us, everywhere.


Are We Not Men?

We are EVO.


Anyone else get the feeling that they are chasing Snowden to such a ridiculous extent simply as a way to divert our attention away from the massive domestic spying operation he reported?


Dingdingding!! you win a teddy bear. Also to instill fear in everyone who ever has access to classified information and might think on blowing the whistle.

By the way, shame on european cowardice, and hooray for our neighbours. Fuck the obama administration, fuck brainwashed populations, fuck everything and everyone. Where are the massive protests? This is some seriously fucked up shit. We were up in arms about sopa and pipa, when privacy was kind of on the line. Here it’s already been trampled on, all across the globe, with no respect for international law, and we are just sitting?

Maybe (no sarcasm) i’ve missed them. Have there been any? Do your (american) news outlets refuse to show them? I know they are weird and obsequent about that.


I particularly approve of your “fuck”-laced tirade.


I’m sorry. I’m just extremely tired. This is bullshit.


I still 100% approve. Carry on!