Sad news: truck-eating bridge to be raised this week

As I understood it, underneath the bridge is a sewer line that needs to maintain whatever grade in order to drain properly. The bridge itself meanwhile is owned by the railroad so the city can’t just go and raise it.

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I noticed that too! It’s expecially creepy if you listen with headphones.

Ghosts of can-opened trailers perhaps. It’s the right time of year…


Overheight drivers approaching that flashing overheight sign may assume the sign is an always-illuminated general warning that doesn’t apply to them specifically. Changing the wording to “STOP! YOU ARE OVERHEIGHT!” and flashing the traffic light red at that moment might have alleviated the problem.


There are some good videos that show the approach to the bridge from the perspective of an overheight truck. 1. The sign starts flashing as you approach. 2. The red warning lights start blinking as you approach. 3. The intersection light turns red early as you approach, so that you are stuck at the red light, staring at the blinking warning text and lights.

It’s already unambiguous. About the only way it could be better is if it also announced on a loudspeaker, “Hey, {your name here}, your truck is overheight! Turn right or left or you will crash into this bridge!” Except that still won’t work every time, due to people who are driving a freakin’ cargo truck while on their phone or listening to loud music with earphones.

Hopefully they can adjust the height sensors to the new bridge height and keep the warning system, because it’s really good.


Oh okay. I didn’t guess there would be an FAQ, thank you for pointing it out, I thought it was too obvious a solution.

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I had hoped, some day, to be able to respond to one of these videos with the classic:


Now that day will never come. Sigh.

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That FAQ can be dumped in the nearest lake.

If you read the FAQ, you come away with the idea that there was never any achievable way to solve the problem (too complicated, too costly, too much of an inconvenience to rando delivery drivers, etc.). It’s a master essay of defeatist pessimism, when what was needed was 500k, and a different amount of clearance. It wasn’t a Hellmouth.

The guy running the website is the first person who would be happy to just hype the “unsolve-ability” of the issue. He’s nice, but he’s not invested in solving anything.

I’m sure most of the accidents were due to inattentiveness, but some would have been situational blindness, and there was always a risk of collateral damage to “innocent” drivers or pedestrians.

“Common sense” doesn’t always indicate the best place to have a stop sign, let alone a sign system that decided against using the words, “Low” “Bridge” or “Stop”.

I’m glad it’s finally being addressed in better physical terms. There will be less human pain, net.

There's also an argument that the more complicated that intersection got with *common sense* additions, the more likely people would mess it up.


Taller trucks! Taller trucks! We want taller trucks!


It’s all cool. They modeled the changes in GTA5.


Cheaper and easier to just regrade (lower) the road.

I think the last time this topic came up (or maybe the time before that, or the time before that) I expressed that if I was a rental truck driver I probably would not assume that the message “Overheight Must Turn” applied to me. I probably would be puzzled for a bit, then proceed straight when the light inevitably turned green.

If the sign said “YOU are overheight and must turn” I’d obey that one just fine.

Speaking for myself.


PS: @beschizza, you got wazrothed.

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Sad news indeed, luckily we still have the Bayswater (Western Australia) underpass in all it’s glory.


The 11 ft 8 inch bridge is 3.6 m.(after being raised to 12 ft 4, it will be a staggering 3.7 m)

Right! These videos brought tears I laughed so hard. Then I think well any investment in safety is good? Then I got sad tears and realized how deep it all is.

Dear BBS: Does this end of an era call for a “Proper Obituary?” I suspect so. Let us collectively mourn the loss but embrace the notion it’s going to Heaven where it is safe from all those nasty vehicles. This intersection will remain a treasured memory for SO many.

Anyone know the local paper? We could send something nice to publish?


The blue icon points to the bridge.

Durham platform is a railway platform, and constrains how high the railroad bridge can be raised.

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Until a taller truck or load comes along. So all the systems will still, presumably, be in place.

But I take your points.

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