Sailor Jentle Yama-dori is my teal ink of choice

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Thanks, I’ve been wondering about your teal ink of choice.


This is my tea link of choice.

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There is a bottle on my desk as well! It’s a lovely ink, though with my paper and pens, I haven’t seen any of the copper sheen in a long time. In fact, I mostly forgot it was a feature of the ink - I’ll have to make sure I give it a really good swirl next time I fill

Oh come now, that’s just cruel…

Do not forget the Rome’s Burning for odd gold inks.

There is a Fountain Pen Day:

Omas used to have some beautiful inks, but it seems they are in trouble.

I mostly use Montblanc and Pelikan.

Thanks for the mention! We do still carry this color at JetPens, it now sports a new bottle design:

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I was a dedicated Quink user for years. Heart of Darkness is much more to my liking.

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