Sam's Club "Louisiana" t-shirt gets it terribly wrong

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They sell a shirt with the same image, but labeled “Arkansas.”
Maybe Sam’s Club is leaking Louisiana’s plan to annex the Ozarks and flee north once coastal erosion has finished off all the wetlands


Design by ChatGPT.


And much of the area currently occupied by humans there has always been below sea level, even before climate change entered the equation. The history of development of some of those areas includes a lot of hubris. (But I guess the Dutch have managed a similar development strategy for a couple of centuries now.)

I read a book The Control of Nature that went into some detail about the challenges in that area. It was written in 1990 but very accurately predicted the exact flooding scenario that played out with Hurricane Katrina.


Ski Louisiana!


what is sad is how many students/adults cannot even locate Louisiana on a map

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Clearly this is a ploy for Disney to make the mountain thematically appropriate for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure. :wink:

Totally joking! I fully support the reimagining of the attraction from Splash Mountion to Tiana’s. I believe the narrative will locate the drop as part of a salt mine.


Shoot, I was hoping there was a whole line of deliberately bad t-shirts showing features conspicuously absent from each state… “California (alligator in mangroves),” etc.


Yeah, a log flume on a Louisiana salt mine may not make a ton of sense, but it was probably the best they could do thematically. But the original Splash Mountain ride didn’t make a ton of sense either. With some exceptions, the Southern US where Brer Rabbit’s story takes place wasn’t known for having many log flumes either.

inadvertent puns about flooding? :grimacing:

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Best comment on that photo: “That’s a landfill.”



Given that this product is sold through Sam’s Club odds are very high that it wasn’t manufactured by anyone in this hemisphere. The vast majority of their apparel is made in China or Bangladesh or other places populated by people who have probably never been to Louisiana.

Still doesn’t explain how it slipped past the people placing the order stateside, of course.

It’s even conveniently “L”-shaped! How many states make it that easy?

(I guess Texas is kinda T-shaped if you squint?)


New Jersey’s would have courteous drivers.


John McPhee is such a good writer!

Did they miss off the word “purchase”


That is just not true. In the whole state there are maybe 2 neighborhoods that were below sea level when they were built. The levee system has caused 150 years of erosion and subsidence leaving lands much lower and more at risk for floods than they would be otherwise.

Currently maybe 5% of the state live at or below sea level, and that it is that high is recent. The main problem isn’t climate change, but it is man-made

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They should offload these in Louisiana, Missouri. They have mountains there.


I may have overstated the situation a bit but that book that I mentioned was talking about cities that were continuing to expand despite being below sea level, and plenty of houses built over the last century are located on land that was below sea level at the time the houses were built, even if the neighborhood originally was not. And, as you say, at least some neighborhoods were built below sea level from the start, which is asking for trouble, in my opinion. There are lots of mid sized cities in this country with plenty of room to grow without having to fight back the ocean to do it, but not many of them are in Louisiana.

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Not the place to argue about this, so I’ll just leave it at that is one awfully darn big “bit”.