San Franciscans: help free the records of the US court system


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Of all the vitally important causes out there, BoingBoing keeps coming back to this one. PACER is so damn cheap to use, and there are several ways to get it for free. I can’t think who would run up a big bill besides an ambulance-chasing lawyer. I used it years ago working for the government, and nobody ever told us to cut back… even though we couldn’t afford a goddam stapler.

The cost of PACER has only gone up 25% from 8 cents/page in 2008 to 10 cents/page in 2014. This is a bargain compared to what my dad used to have to pay, often 50 cents a page to view court dockets. We’re fortunate to live in an era where anybody with a roll of quarters can gain access to the proceedings of our federal judiciary.

Paying for PACER is like paying tolls to drive on NYC roads. You wouldn’t mind so much if they both weren’t so crappy.

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