San Francisco Millennials attacked by samurai sword wielding Gen Xer


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I’m glad to see that the long-standing profession of deranged Tenderloin derelict is one area where Boomers are finally retiring to make room for Gen Xers.


I thought so-called millennials were in their 30’s?


I’m 29. ­


Hate to be a spoilsport, but these are real people with real injuries, and it’s not like this was a drive-by pie-thrower or something. Slashes from blade weapons can be serious and disfiguring. The fact that this post seems to be supporting the attack (“Generation X finally takes a stand”??) seems to be in very poor taste even if it is a joke

Even jokes in poor taste can be funny, but I’m clearly missing something about the Gen X / Millennials angle that you found to be amusing.


Everyone calculates it differently. Cohorts are roughly 22 years, with the Millenials starting in 1982 or so.

As long as the Boomers have got theirs, though, anyone younger is in the same soup.


I gather the arbitrary criteria include anyone born before the late 90’s, in which case these three barely squeak in.


Manufactured ‘generational divides’ are stupid; we already have enough division and a lack of unity in the US, as it is.


The main generational divide that counts now is between those who’ll get to enjoy a lifestyle resembling that available to the middle class from approx. 1946-2001 and those who never will. Obviously other factors play in – some Boomer PoCs never got the chance during that period, and some white Millenials from wealthy families will enjoy it into their old age.


This. And in the case of this incident, how are the ages of those involved even remotely relevant?


Your guess is a good as mine; mere chronological age has no bearing on an individual’s emotional/mental maturity.

One only needs to look at the current POTUS as evidence of that fact.


Samurai swords, real ones, are serious. I had one, handed down from dad as a WWII souvenir. It was a real deal. You could shave with it, assuming you didn’t decapitate yourself. Motherfucker was sharp. Also had a dress sword with no edge.


I mean, getting hit with a steel rod rates decently high on my list of things I’d rather not be attacked with.

That it’s sharp makes it extra bad, but getting hit with that leverage is pretty bad too.


I, for one, am glad to see Adrian Paul out and about.


Seems to be an annual occurrence in the Loin.


See, the main issue here is not whether people are gen-x or millenial, it’s whether the sword is true Hattori Hanzo steel.


right? god i get the shudders even thinking about this.

the movies would have us forget that a non small percentage of sword fights end in two dead or seriously injured people.


Arbitrarily decided by boomers who retroactively extended the boomer span so that they wouldn’t feel old.


The movies also forget how much more useful spears and pole arms were.


or how much damage a hammer or heavy blunt object can do to someone, even someone in armor. there is something about slicing, as opposed to smashing or piercing, that gives me the shudders big time.

i’d be known as the vomiting samurai!