Sand thieves believed to be behind epidemic of Chinese GPS jamming

I am thinking devices now need to be able to choose which satellite navigation networks to listen to, with automatic comparison of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo (which is finally coming online), BeiDou, and so on. Jamming will have to be on all frequencies, and less reliable as devices get better at triangulating and filtering out spoofed signals, I suspect.

The arms race is back on. Only now it’s between different commercial entities.




Yeah, those golden beaches can be expensive. Tax money spent on that to bring in more tourism dollars is business as usual in places that struggle with erosion:


Discussion of “damages” in cases like this is interesting. At what point did the original mass of bronze become more valuable? WAS it ever worth more than a differently shaped mass of bronze?

Are you aware that in the UK, the Value Added Tax is commonly used , and the philosophical implications of an artist (e.g. Henry Moore) adding value to bronze ingots to produce a work of art (e.g “Reclining Figure”) have already been contemplated?

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Every time a building crane falls over here in USia, I have to ask, "How much building construction is too much, too fast?’

I hope someone is asking the same question over there.

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