Sanders donor flock to Tim Canova's campaign against establishment figurehead Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Also this:


I saw the John Oliver coverage that @daneel embedded.

It’s absolutely ridiculous. I remember learning in history classes about the party machines and inherent corruption from decades and centuries past. It was easy to assume that those kinds of things were no longer in play because you were reading about them in a history book. The exact tricks and methods may change, but the corruption remains.


Again: what part of political revolution don’t you understand?


The DNC should not oppose medical marijuana, favor SOPA, favor extradition and prosecution of Edward Snowden, or favor corporate donations. Now that the Sanders campaign has a national mailing list of progressives who feel strongly about those issues, there’s an opportunity to elect better representation.

If that’s “retributive” then sign me up please.


DWS, like her machine bosses, is hard at work cashing in on every lobbying opportunity while kicking the corpse of the liberal wing of the party (and leading the blame game if Bernie spoils their payday). This is living legacy of the ‘business wing of the Democratic Party’ aka the Democratic Leadership Council.


my family and I were issued our green cards on Saturday, freeing us to make legal campaign contributions; I also donated to Sanders

See how these immigrants do? Green card on Saturday, interfering in our political process on Tuesday. What’s next? Agricultural subsidies on Thursday? An NEA endowment over the weekend?

THIS is why we need a wall.


Quickly now, DLC or DNC?

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Sanders is becoming the Ted Cruz of the democratic party – sowing the seeds of a Tea Party for the left. But the last thing we need are ideological purists on both sides of the aisle. I hope Wasserman Schultz defeats Canova soundly.

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I don’t know; if it took the form of four viable federal parties, actually competing for votes and voters? That might work out well.


What would a left wing tea party look like, something like Teddy Roosevelt? Oh, the horror! Advancing the causes of ecology and acceptance of people? Haven’t we already pretty much said the Green Party is a little too purist for most people?

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Here’s some more candidates Sanders is endorsing (at a state legislature level), from a fundraising email an hour ago:

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Justin Bamberg is a state representative from South Carolina who was an early endorser of Hillary Clinton’s campaign but switched his endorsement before the primary because of Bernie’s work for “racial, social, and economic justice.” Justin won his last election by ONLY 113 votes and needs our support in what’s sure to be another close race this November.

David Bowen is the son of Jamaican immigrants who is running for his second term in the Wisconsin State Legislature. He fought for and won a living wage for Milwaukee city employees and is a progressive champion Wisconsin needs.

Clara Hart is a refugee from Mozambique whose family fled from violence when she was just 8 years old. Now she’s running for the South Dakota House, where she hopes to continue her work for immigrant families.

Terry Alexander is a representative in the South Carolina legislature who supports raising the minimum wage, expanding health care, and protecting the right to vote. He is a courageous legislator who I’m proud to support.

Carol Ammons became the first African-American woman to win election in her district of the Illinois State Legislature, scoring an upset election victory against a well-funded establishment opponent. She’s fighting for progressive issues and candidates and
deserves our support.

Chris Pearson is running for the Vermont State Senate after spending four terms in the Vermont House of Representatives. He is a champion on the issues of livable wages, strong labor union advocacy, climate change, and voting rights. This year he was able to pass a bill into law for automatic voter registration. Chris is a good friend of working people and of mine.

Jane Kim is the first Korean American to win election in San Francisco, and she’s running to become a California state senator. The daughter of immigrants, Jane is a civil rights attorney who’s fought for affordable housing and fair wages in her city.

Joe Salazar is a representative to Colorado’s state house who is a tireless advocate for stopping fracking, protecting civil rights, and advancing criminal justice reform. He won his last election by just 221 votes, and your support will go a long way to helping him win this year.


I know a lot of Hillary supporters are at best ambivalent about DWS. She has been a disaster- well, not really, but her net balance is negative. She flubbed one too many times.

I wold like to see Hoawrd DeN return, but I don’t think Howard wants the job any more.

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I think it would look like Britain’s Labour Party (though not New Labour).

Anti-single payer healthcare, corporate lobbyist Howard Dean?

No thanks.


I just got the DNC’s survey, it makes me ashamed to be a registered democrat. Then I donated to Canova’s campaign. We really need new reform.


The linked Slate article had already insinuated Sanders and his people were somehow being assholes for campaigning. Newell used this loaded slur:

“Wasserman Schultz, who Sanders has attacked over a litany of perceived botched calls this cycle.”

immediately before revealing that Canova and Sanders have a work history going back to 2011. Thereby degrading a collegial display of political support into a solely petty attack on DWS. If you dig through the Newell article you’ll find a few more such snide little gems.

Slate has a strong, unbroken Clinton bias. A few of the other online rags will toss Bernie a bone, and run say, one pro-Sanders article for every 2-3 pro-Clinton ones. Slate’s editors, however, have a rigid, frankly strident, agenda.


Obviously the bigger obstructionist is going to be massively anti-Bernie. Yes, he would be likely to promote someone less conservative. No it’s not personal or hard feelings as you make it out to be.

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Oh no, we can’t have any left wing action in the Democratic Party! Center right third wayisms forever!


The first thing we need is ideological purists on the left instead of center-right sellouts to corporate interests.