The Democratic Party's SOPA-loving, Snowden-hating, Hillary-partisan power-broker has her first-ever primary challenger


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Yikes, that’s damning to even the most Hillary Hillary’est of them.


Why do you hate women?



I guess this means that Cory doesn’t like Debbie…


$50 just sent Tim’s way…

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2016-01-19 Tim Canova $50.00

Debbie’s about to #feelthebern


The most brazen example being that she’s worked hard to schedule the Democratic primary debates in time slots when people would be unlikely to watch them so Bernie would have a harder time getting overcoming her initial lead. The most recent debate was on a Sunday night on a three-day weekend, the previous was on a Saturday. (To which a frustrated Bernie Sanders asked “was Christmas Eve taken?”)

New season of Game of Thrones will premiere at 3am with no re-airings (If Debbie Wasserman Schultz programmed HBO).

— Frank Conniff (@FrankConniff) January 17, 2016


That hurt the little girl in me, for realz.


Well, at least you’re in touch with your feminine side. :kissing_heart:


Yes, in fact I’m “touching” it right now.


Because The Intercept posted an article about her future challenger?

This. A presidential debate on Saturday night TV? WTF? If anything, the Dems should be having a debate every week just to showcase that their people don’t want to bomb every non-American into the stone age or to make churchin’ and prayin’ Sharia Law the law of the land.




politicians like her are the sticks used by corporations to whack the piñata of government


Much as I think HRC would be a good president*, DWS really needs to be replaced as head of the DNC.

*Bernie as well – I like both candidates, alright? I may prefer HRC for POTUS, but BS-free Bernie is also a good guy.


Okay, okay, she’s hyper partisan, but isn’t she hyper partisan in the same regard that Rei…Rie…Mr. Pre…Mr. Preib…fuckinghell…the head of the Republican NC is hyper partisan (or was) for anyone but Trump? Sadly, that whole voter records fiasco where DWS sued the Sanders campaign showed her hand in a way that struck me as 1) really stupid and needless, 2) underscored her interest in having HRC as The One–but isn’t that somewhat par for the course?


Thanks for the barf in the back of my mouth.


Not sure I understand these things, but isn’t an “omnibus” bill the kind of thing where you vote the whole thing up or down, and don’t get to vote on the individual pieces? And if you hold up the whole thing over the piece you don’t like, you’re “shutting down the government?” Just asking…


Maybe if this kind of things pick up, we could actually have a choice other than the choice between corrupt + authoritarian and corrupt + authoritarian + crazy.


Priebus is trying to keep the worst GOP nominee from heading the ticket. DWS is trying to guarantee that the worst Dem nominee will head the ticket.


Yes and if the guy really did try to turn that vote into a liability, then he’s being a jerk.