Sandman Slim: Richard Kadrey's "Kill the Dead" in paperback


I usually don’t pay attention to reviews on websites, but on a lark I bought the first Sandman Slim novel on your recommendation. Now I have all five and am really looking forward to the next one.

I still don’t like Ubuntu/Unity though. : )

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Got any other Urban Fantasy recommendations? UF books that don’t have romance as the main driving plot are so freaking rare.

I’ve already caught up with the 2014 books of The Dresden Files, The Iron Druid Chronicles, The Laundry Files, Kitty Norville, and Bill The Vampire.

As for non-mainstream authors, the big Web Serial author Wildbow is currently working on his second epic story, laconically titled Pact. It’s about a family who gained their magical powers through all sorts of less than ethical methods, but mainly titular pacts with less than pleasant beings, and the new head of the family who is now the center of attention for all the enemies and debtors the family has gained.

Wildbow’s last series, Worm, is even more awesome. 30 novel-length arcs covering the life and times of Taylor Hebert, a girl who has the superpower to control bugs, an amazing cast of heroes, villains, and others, and her struggle to become a superhero. Not exactly your usual Urban Fantasy, but also not your average superhero story.

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