Sandman Slim: Killing Pretty

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Must get! For those of you who haven’t read this series yet but have read (and enjoyed) The Dresden files, I would add this to your list of reads - the style is very similar, however Slim is not a wizard and is well nuanced. I would add that while I would start in order, the first book is perhaps the clumsiest and the story gets rock solid from then on out.

My only complaint is that they are too short!


Well I’ve not read the Dresden Files, so I guess I should give those a go.

I finished the previous book last week and kind of checked out on reading this one. While I appreciated the series, there hasn’t been a lot of actual danger or tension in the last couple of books.

I’ve read all of them. And I equate Stark’s predicament to someone who’s figured out the cheat code in a video game he can’t quit. The books are fun, seriously.

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