Sans Forgetica, a font to make you remember


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The thumbnail gave me a double take. Being cropped on the edges, it reads, “cream into your pillow”

Can’t say I never have, but…


Or just take your notes using one of these;


You’d probably be better off taking notes by hand. If your handwriting is a little difficult like this font, maybe you could get the best of both worlds.


Yeah… that. Although I can say I never have, but to each their own. It’s a big world full of interesting people…


LOL George Castanza LOL

(I’m surprised he didn’t bring up the 3 boobed models from Milan.)


Scream into your pillows
Shout into the skies
The smoke still billows
And the republic still dies

Serious question: what is that? Google couldn’t help me. Rob did you just make that up? It’s great.


No way, I always set my study notes in a 24-point display font. Isn’t that the simplest way?


I second that emotion.


Thank you.


Is there a monospace version for coding?


…the letterforms are designed to be difficult to read headache inducing without losing their legibility…"



This was helpful until my brain got used to the font. Now it is as easy to read as any other. Perhaps they could plug in some ever-evolving randomness to how the letters break-up?


My trick was to turn the book upside down when I came to important passages. Slowed my reading down to a speed where the words stuck.


Related trivia:

I always used to advise my students to do their study reading with three different coloured highlighters and a pen.

Colour #1 was for “this is important”; colour #2 was for “I don’t understand this yet”; colour #3 was for “this is bullshit”.

The pen was for making sarcastic comments in the margins.

It worked for me.


Sarcastic comments like, “D-, do better.” and “See me after class.”


This looks really cool and seems like a great solution for our app WRIO Keyboard, to improve the learning experience for new users. We’ve included it in our Alpha today; if your interested you can see how it works for yourself: - Happy to get your feedback on including Sans Forgetica in our app :slight_smile: Cheers, David




Free font!


Milan? Surely Eroticon VI? :thinking: