Santa Cruz del Islote, the "world's most crowded island"


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Fascinating read, Rob, thanks.

It is a perversion of conventional human rights that freedom of movement is granted for capital, but not for labor. Anyone who believes that a child born anywhere in the world deserves an opportunity for a stable, healthy life must advocate for steps towards freedom of movement. The only alternative would be a world where all states are truly on an equal footing, and that went out the window with gunboat diplomacy, with systematic looting of the developing world through debt, with colonization, with the slave trade itself. These misdeeds shaped the world as we know it. […snip…] By barring free movement, we guarantee countless tales of people resorting to desperate measures to survive.


“Only 150 years ago, the island was uninhabited; today, generations of families are proud to call Santa Cruz del Islote home.”

So goes the human race.


I reckon such qualities often correlate with poor sanitation, or at least a prevalence of disease.


Yeah - something tells me that you don’t want to go snorkeling within 500m of this place.


But I bet their A-Z map is really easy to fold.

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