Santa’s tomb possibly found, Christmas ruined


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Here lies Santa Claus

Is this an example of Christmas creep?


That must be where the G.I. Joe aircraft carrier that I wanted as a kid but never got is!


Krampus: “There can only be one!”


I would have sacrificed my sister for this.



"…real work starta now,”

Unless this was said by Mario


That’s just his mortal form. Like Hercules - the fire burned away the mortal part of him, leaving only the god Santa Claus.






Looks like he lost the war on Christmas.


No worries, sociopathically aggressive commercialization and Christmas displays in September ruined Christmas decades ago.



I thought Santa’s Tomb was an 11-level dungeon published by TSR back in the good old days. The undead elfkind in the lower levels… [shudder] And those animated toys!


Wasn’t Santa Claus that dude in the Bible who rose from the dead on the 12th day of Christmas?


I sure hope that instead of a Gelatinous Cube it was replaced with a Cube of Fruit Cake

Edit: seems like Wizards of the Coast is ahead of me. Seems more like a Golem, tis labeled an elemental in the wallpaper…close enough.


I guess I’ll double down.



Santa’s immortal, you fools.


(From Saturnalia, a lovely Chick Tract parody from back in the day.)




Creepy Christmas creep.