Saudi law now requires sending a text to women after their husbands secretly divorce them


Yeah, uh, seems like doing away w/ the right of men to unilaterally divorce in the 1st place woulda been the no-brainer move. Just giving the spouse notification is considered progress? Damn, that’s cold.


Found an example of the texts:

Dearest wife - the past 6 years have been great, but you are now 18 and bore me no boys, so I divorce you. - Ahmed.


Wait until he finds out that the sperm is the sex determinant in humans…


It’s the eggs fault for not being more selective on which on enters.


Because at the time the text is sent they are no longer a spouse or wife.


But… But… that would mean some level of power of the female over the male!


(but seriously, does this dude not know that you can centrifuge jizz now for a better statistical chance at the sex you’re interested in having?)

Maybe we should all laugh at him for producing more feminine splooge (but that may increase his stress levels, which in turn would probably lead to more female sperm…, so it’s definitely a no-win sort of situation).


The Saudis are reviving their PR campaign:


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