Saudi Arabia's all-man women’s rights conference



Why the mocking tone? These guys are clearly on the cutting edge of research into theoretical women’s rights. They leave prosaic ‘applied’ research to engineers and feminists.


To be fair, Sharia law is applied differently in different places, because it’s dependent upon the school of jurisprudence. It’d probably be more accurate to say “Salafi interpretation of the four major schools of legal thought in Islam”? There really isn’t a single “sharia law”.

But this is bullshit of course. I’d like to know more about what they actuallly did talk about in regards to women’s rights, though. The linked article is pretty light on details there…


I guess they speak about what rights they’ll allow women to have.


Or perhaps the rights given to men to exercise on their chattel’s behalf.


Well, I suppose if the GG folks ever tire of the harassment, insults, and discrimination that they face in their daily lives :laughing: , there’s a place where they can go to feel safe again, the poor dears.


Similarly, check out the list of speakers for the 2014 Animal Rights National Conference. That’s right: there wasn’t a single non-human animal on the bill.


Total horse pucky!


:musical_note: AAAAAAA… horse is a horse, of course, of course, and no one can talk to a horse of course, unless of course, the name of the horse is the famous Mr. Ed!!! :musical_note: Go right to the source, and ask the horse, he’ll give you the answer that you endorse… he’s always on a steady course, TALK TO MISTER EEEEDDDDDD!!! :musical_note:

That is now stuck in my head…


You’re welcome!

Oddly enough, the following is what this thread has inserted on repeat into my brain, a phrase that I used to hear a lot of men say in a joking way (and I hope you’ll pardon their French), despite the total absence of horses anywhere within at least ten miles –

“Well fuck you and the horse you rode in on!”


Did Vivek Wadhwa give the keynote?

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I always wonder about the origins of phrases like that… where did they develop and why do those of us with no horses keep saying them. it just goes to show how oddly language can develop away from their original meanings, I guess. Maybe it’s the connection to the cowboy mentality embedded in American pop culture that seems to inform modern masculinity somewhat?

Also, curse all you want! I’m on board with frequent cursing.

This dude:

I doubt it. But again, the article had a profound lack of information on the conference itself, so who knows.

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Oh yeah, me too, mostly just wanted to use another old-timey expression (“If you’ll pardon my French!”).

“I’d like to raise both of my middle fingers to anyone who thinks profanity is somehow more harmful to our children than images of violence and misogyny.” - M.I.A.


Yes! That’s a great quote.

It’s funny, but I always also considered it far more appropriate for my kid to listen to sometimes “vulgar” music we like which runs towards the indie rather than the schlock that Disney puts out that they call music. I found that shaping of the young mind into brand loyalty to be really kind of dangerous in a way.


I was going to post something clever about whether there’s a word for ‘irony’ in Arabic (yes, there is, says Google translate: سخرية) or whether there was ever an irony conference in SA, but when I saw where this thread had galloped to I gave up.

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So you’re saying, fuck us and the horses we rode in on? :smiley:


As memory serves, Mr. Ed’s preferred declaration that something was nonsense was “horse feathers!”