Women forbidden from entering Starbucks in Saudi Arabia


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well you never know how many muslim men will turn into mad crazy uncontrollable rapists because of the mere presence of evil tempting women… or something /s


Unreal. Starbucks in Saudi Arabia refused to serve women.

Unreal? What planet are you living on, mon frère?



Yeah, this isn’t a Starbucks issue. It’s a Saudi Arabia issue.

They probably don’t sell ham sandwiches at Subway’s there either. They have to follow the rules and customs of foreign lands. I mean, really, we criticize people in America for not being sensitive to cultural differences. Of course, not every cultural difference is something “good”.


FUN FACT: In Saudi Arabia they don’t even allow a woman in the Starbucks LOGO.


21st century be damned, we will drink our coffee in the Dark Ages! Says Saudi Arabia…


“All our stores provide equal amenities, service, menu, and seating…”

Where did I hear those same words before? Oh, I remember: during the couple of years I lived in the segregated American South. Local customs, guys, local customs.


Places with bad reputation towards certain gender/race/orientation/etc are actually bad towards certain gender/race/orientation/etc. More on this breaking story at 11:00. Over to Glen for a weather update…

Isn’t this like being shocked about how you get treated because of your pro-choice shirt at a republican convention, or pro-NRA shirt at a democrat convention.

Also, what’s up with that second twitter account - https://twitter.com/manarn8. Was it just created to share this? Not that there is anything wrong with that, just kind of odd, especially when they/he/she/it compares this to segregation.


We’d never do anything like that here, of course.


Dangit. Somebody beat me to that link.


If I’m kenning this right, this situation seems a temporary one: the women’s entrance is broken, and they cannot – consistent with local practice – retask the men’s entrance as a co-ed one. Yes, it’s absurd, but I don’t think it’s quite corporate policy to ban women from Starbucks (beyond the societal minimum).


May I ask, what is your position on segregation?

I’m not asking about it in specific places, I do mean the concept generally.


Could they close entirely during renovations?
Could they re-task it as a women’s entrance and effectively ban men?

Local customs say don’t ask those questions.


It has become a Starbucks issue once they decided to bow to these rules.


If you want Taco Bell this is the same as elsewhere. Just be informed there is a Ladies or family queue as well as mens.

Visited April 2014

Taco Bell, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

WTF, Starbucks?

But fer realz, do I want some Chatty literal Cathy smellin up the place with all her makeup and high heels while I’m trying to get some go-juice in the Kingdom? Next you’ll be telling me they want to drive themselves–yuck. WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE MEN FOR ONCE?!?


Saudi Arabia should consider renaming themselves Boy’s Club or No Girls Allowed. Just to avoid further confusion.




Most restaurants in Saudi are segregated into family zones and singles zones, and a single man going in a family entrance will very quickly be shooed out onto the street. If family side is open and singles side is closed, you find another restaurant. Happened to me several times when I traveled there alone.
I’m not saying it’s sane and I’m not saying I agree. Just offering another angle on the lede.


I guess Starbuck’s doesn’t want my money.