Get outraged with possible lesbians holding hands on a Starbucks coffee cup


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Why are they cramming it down our throats?!?!

(Coffee that is.)


Does this latte make me look gay?


Obviously those small delicate hands belong to our president.


Just another day in Bizarro-land;

Senate candidate accused of being a well-known pedophile?
No big deal; vote for him anyway, because at least he’s not a democrat.

Ambiguous same sex ‘couple’ in a starbucks ad, touching hands?
Freak out and boycott; they’re corrupting our "core values!"


Oh, this is good. I’mma pass this tidbit onto my Starbucks-addicted, outspoken Knights of Columbus uncle and watch his head asplode. Christmas came early!


Via the New York Daily News: “Starbucks hasn’t resolved the issue of whether the hands are same-sex or not.” [emphasis added]

Howard Schultz: That’s not an issue. That’s a question. And it’s a dumb one. [sips lavender latte]



I’m just happy Waldo found someone to love.


It was inevitable:


All religions (except presumably Mormons?)
And at risk of damaging their business…don’t those, ah, Mooslims drink a lot of coffee? Isn’t a bit UnTrumpistan, drinking coffee?


“Time to boycott Starbooks, y’all! The dadgum queers are tryin’ to steal Christmas!!”



You know what, Stuart? I like you. You’re not like the other people, here, in the trailer park.


This says more about the value of Starbucks as a flag-bearing dog whistle to groups. Everyone knows what Starbucks is, just like the iPhone is best known among the right as, “The government free phone that Obama gave to welfare abusers/abortionists/black people/uberjews/not me.”

I’m guessing if Starbucks came out with a cup that was the users own hands, it would be somehow a shot against blue collar workers WHO ACTUALLY USE THIER HANDS LIKE GOD INTENDED


Everybody knows the burrow owl lives in a hole in the ground!


It’s going to be a white X-mas with all these snowflakes.


There’s no carpet in Starbucks and I’m outraged!


Jeez, they broke the middle aged Black/Hispanic man and the old White lady holding hands!?!?!?!?!!! What is the world coming to when people just can’t figure out what stupidity they’re going to be outraged by!?!?!?!?!?!!!

I’m outraged!!! Outraged, I tell you!


Straight people have issues.


Was thinking at least one of the hands ought to be coffee-colored!


Be sure to buy him a Starbucks gift certificate for Saturnalia. That’ll test his moral fortitude.