Saudi police finally captured the woman who wore a miniskirt in online video


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What a hell hole.


These are our allies…



Well, at least the streets are safe now … for … things?


patriarchal things.


I gotta get on that committee!


You just KNOW they’ve got the best stuff for themselves.


We can joke around about this. Right up until a Saudi court sentences her to public lashings, or worse.


Allies or role models?


she visited the site in Ushaiager with her legal guardian — a male relative, usually a father or husband, but sometimes a brother or son, who has the legal authority to control a woman’s movements — and that the video had been put online without her knowledge.

Given the potential for her to be tortured and/or imprisoned as a result of the release of this video, it kind of feels like “revenge porn saudi-style.”

Why isn’t the legal guardian in trouble for permitting her to break the law? Yeah, that’s rhetorical.


Swap the “p” words and its a committee I could get behind 100%!



That would appear to be that case.

I guess it’s time to party like it’s 1699.


I’ve always thought that “Boobie Burkas” would be a great brand-name for a line of nursing covers.


Thank goodness. I almost lost control.


Seriously? Nursing covers?
Is that a thing??

[rolls eyes…]


And to think the UN voted Saudia to represent Women’s rights


Just a preview of the Pence administration.


Just contact Mike Pence. He’ll hook you up.