Save 45% on this accelerated cold brew maker that's perfect for hot summer days

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I like cold brew (served hot) but I’d rather drink dishwater than 4 minute cold brew. Preposterous.


Aside from the grammatical problem, any compounds in the coffee which might help with the mentioned conditions will be in both cold brew and regular brew. If you cold brew device uses paper filters then it might be healthier than some other kinds of coffee w/r to cholesterol.

Like @ludd, I find the idea of accelerating cold brew (digitally, no less!) preposterous.

ETA: At their website Gourmia say 10 minutes. Still preposterous, but it is interesting that stacksocial found it necessary to stretch even this claim.

" the Gourmia Digital Accelerated Cold Brew Coffee Maker is cutting that time down, from hours to as little as only 4 minutes"
So the big “feature” of this JUG is that it has a digital timer you can set to tell you when its done. How anal is that? Sorry 4 minutes is too rare. I like mine 12 hours well done. Give me analog and don’t tell me when to drink it.

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