"Save Free TV": Fun 1970s anti-cable TV public service announcement that showed in movie theaters

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Well, that worked out.

I pay Comcast something like $7 a month for local broadcast channels. At least, that’s what they call the fee they impose on top of the package that specifically lists those channels. You can’t not pay it.

OTOH, my non-main-TVs have antennas and get something like 35 broadcast channels. (Mostly miserable crap.)


Funny… jump forward to the mid 1990s, and cable companies in Canada were trying to get their gov’t to stop satellite TV by branding them “death stars.”

They tried the same shit in Oz when cable TV was introduced here in the 1990’s.

There are now similar campaigns targeted at attacking Netflix etc.

I assume that one’s a phony? I do remember these “save free TV” ads from the period, but don’t remember any with nudity.

Many of the predictions were true, of course. - DvF

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I suspect that the audio might be authentic. It is collaged from a live performance by Negativland, and the uploader apparently added their visual interpretation.

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