Save over 25% on the LG 86" 4K HDR Smart LED UHD TV in honor of President's Day

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There is no longer honor in Presidents Day.

Nice TV though.


You know what I’d like for Presidents Day?

A deal on a new fucking president. President’s day is nothing to celebrate, especially the last 4 years.

This place is degenerating into straight up QVC


Spend over $2k on a smart TV which most likely will be bricked in a couple of years when LG decides to stop supporting it anymore… no thanks.


Buy a ‘dumb’ TV and add your own media player/Kodi and there ya go.

I bought a cheapo $350 55" 4K RCA a few years back, the ‘Smart’ version was only $20 more. Sales guy couldn’t understand why I didn’t want those extra features.

I said if it was a Samsung or other big name, maybe the support is there. But I doubt RCA is going to care that it’s baked-in Netflix app could be broken within months.


You could probably buy 4 65" 4K HDR televisions, some hardware to stitch the image across them (like they used to have in Media Play) and still have money left over.

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I’d need a new cabinet for a screen this big. Either that or take apart my existing one to make a table.
On the other hand: My 50 inch Sony purchased in the 2000s cost about the same.

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