Save over 50% on these wireless earbuds that pack serious sound in a tiny package

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That is bullshit. I own a pair of wireless headphones with great sound, and that technology has been available literally for decades. I remember my grandfather having wireless headphones in the 80ies.

But you’re talking of earbuds, I suppose. Then let’s talk about the other stigma of wireless earbuds, producing toxic landfill: You have to throw it away after a year because you can’t exchange the batteries when their capacity inevitably diminishes.

With a pair of wireless cans, you can at least shop around to find some where there’s actually a replacement battery available. Older ones ran on AA batteries, so one could use simple rechargeables.

I understand you need to sell stuff, but at least sell sustainable stuff, not that crap with planned obsolescence built in.

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BT 4.1 at the end of 2019?

Also, this model goes for like 25$ on AliExpress … and I have yet to see a good audio review on those.

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