Fairbuds: wireless, repairable earbuds with replaceable batteries

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If they can somehow overcome the tendency of my earbuds to fall out of my ears and roll into the East River (don’t laugh until it happens to you), I’m sold.

“Keep what you love for longer”

Right. Sounds like a nice idea. Sniff. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

P.S. Anyone want to buy a right earbud?


Does anyone see a way for folks in the USA to buy these? The USA is not on the list of nations you have to choose from.

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I’d imagine the main reason people buy new earbuds is because the misplaced the old ones, not because they couldn’t be repaired or the battery died.

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mine aren’t technically earbuds for that same reason*. they’ve got a cord between them, with volume rocker and skip buttons. i really like that i can take one or both out, quickly, without losing them**.

( ** yeah, yeah. don’t bike with headphones. but since i’m going to, it’s a way to pop them out when i take busy streets )

( * well, okay. different bridge… )


I’m guessing that people who actual care about the fact that it’s e-waste don’t have earbuds specifically because of that. I personally find them uncomfortable, but even if I didn’t, the e-waste aspect means I would not buy them. However, a pair that could last much longer might be more attractive to people who actually give a shit about e-waste and don’t want yet more plastic going into the environment… :woman_shrugging:

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I like my wireless earphones to come with an idiot string, thank you.


Uh. How many audiophiles did I just offend right now? Honestly, I don’t think “I Wanna Be Your Dog” or “Goo Goo Muck” demand Sennheisers. :smiley:

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