Save over 70% on what may be the biggest blanket ever made

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I didn’t realize the AIDS quilt was for sale…

70% off? I’ll take two!

How do you wash it?

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In a commercial washer, I’d imagine. The same way that you do a sleeping bag or a big puffy duvet.

I really wish I could get to like these polyester fuzzy blankets. But I really can’t. I’d rather wrap myself in anything but plastic.


Largest commercially available blanket maybe :slight_smile:

I’m thinking if I need a blanket this big (I don’t), I’d just go to the local Big Lots, and buy 4 of the cheap ass thick fleeces that they sell at $19 a pop, and edge them together on a sewing machine…

I bought one once because it had Labradors on it… (it’s plenty big enough by itself).

That big big blanket is made of ‘stretchy fabric’ Polyester. Plastic. which sheds microfibers, which won’t be filtered out, and make their way to the oceans, and waterways of the world. Save your money, and have your Nana make you a quilt. Tell her how big you want it. Go fabric shopping with her, pick the colors with her of 100% cotton, with cotton batting and batting, and learn how to quilt from her, and keep the tradition alive.
Bail on this plasticwrap.

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