Folding, 90 micron-thick blankets that fit in your pocket

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Seems more like a sheet than a “blanket.” Is there any insulation?

From the link:

Matador is made from HyprLyte Nylon.   At less than 90 microns thick, this hi-tech fabric is designed to maximize portability without sacrificing durability.

It seems to be more about having something to sit or lie on than something for warmth. If you did need to wrap it around you, I would guess it functions like a very light windbreaker jacket: keeps you “warm” by blocking the breeze.

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By “blanket” I think they mean “picnic blanket.”

It’s not that well explained in Cory’s write-up (because of the ambiguity of the word “blanket”), but all the photos and literature on the web site just refer to sitting on the blanket.

I, too, was initially thinking it was like one of those super-thin foil blankets given to marathon runners and trauma victims.

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So where’s the world sales? Hate these “US-Only” things.

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And Cory, being a Canadian living in the UK, should be particularly aware of this kind of thing. I’m guessing they don’t offer international orders because offering tracking for international orders would cost too much money, but at the same time - why not offer it any way?

well, whenever i hear Blanket? I now think of Michael Jacksons son? Damn you South Park! another non-international, but I bought an order of these emergency blankets, and use them in my travelpack, messenger bag, etc. they work well, ONCE.

Seems like they should make it in a much larger size to be used as quick shelter/tarp. when I go backpacking I don’t carry a tent anymore, just a lightweight tarp that easily covers all my gear and keeps me as dry as in a tent. I was hoping this ‘blanket’ would be an improvement, but the sizes they offer aren’t big enough for a tarp.

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I inhaled my blanket!


Weighted corners? Seems like an odd feature given that the goal is making it easy to carry around, and given that it will be used by people putting things on top of it.

It reminds me of some sheet-like things my parents had 40 years ago. They were very, very thin–if you put one over your head you would still have acceptable vision. Very light, very compact and they provided an amazing amount of warmth if you wrapped them around you.

I believe they were nylon, I know nothing else about their origin.

If you need a super-compact blanket that keeps you warm you can always get one of those foil emergency thermal blankets, but they’re not much good for a comfortable night’s sleep. I used one on a backpacking trip once when my sleeping bag proved insufficient for the cold nights; it did its job but it made crinkly sounds at the slightest movement.

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It reminds me a lot of these beach sheets we own - or we own something similar:

It looks in the picture like it packs to a small sleeping bag size but it’s more like the size of a very compact handbag.

We like these for the beach; think the little card size one might be good for music fests.

I keep one in the car, since I drive through the snow belt of Indiana regularly. I can just imagine you with the crinkles all night long!

Now, see, that has a sensible solution to the weighted corners: create pockets which can be filled with whatever happens to be handy, such as sand or stones.

edited to add: stake-down loops…awesome!

Well, it wasn’t just me… :wink:

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I only use ultralight blankets that can double as a party dress:


I’m a fan of silver+gold, so this is total win for me. The guy’s not my type, though.

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