Get the Gravity Blanket and other weighted blankets at deep discounts

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Get the Gravity Blanket

Can’t I have an anti-gravity blanket? I’m sure those scientists have developed one by now.


“The well-distributed layer of non-toxic weighted beads makes this one suitable for sleepers between 100 and 140 pounds.”

Why does a blanket have a weight limit?


“nano” glass beads? deep touch stimulation? a blanket you can actually roll up and take with you?!?!?, hot damn what an innovation! fabric that has special cooling properties because it is made up of that rare exotic material, cotton polly blend. :joy:

marketing is one hell of a drug.


I have to say, I kinda want this. I like weighty blankets and sleeping under a sheet in the summer feels awful, so I want a heavy blanket that doesn’t insulate. Not going to jump in from just this marketing copy, but it’s nice to know this exists.

I think you mean minky. Big difference.

I use a 25 lb weighted blanket and while I like it, it’s not without downsides.

First, it’s hot. Like, really fucking hot. I’ve tried a few different ones, all claim to be cooling or breathable - all lies. Second, if you have a sleeping partner and manage to toss and turn with it while sleeping, you can pretty much guarantee that all of the covers will be dragged away from them. Thirdly, they really suck to wash and your laundry machines will scream bloody murder.


Because weighted blankets work best when they’re around 10% or so of your body weight.

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I had one, but it floated away.


it needed more down


Most I have seen say “use a washable cover designed to tie the blanket in” and “dryclean the blanket, itself”.

Because yeah, 15-20 lbs and then add water? That is heavy.

I am considering one, though, because to get the weight I need to sleep, I need 4-6 layers of heavy (not weighted) blankets. I can get away with 3 if I also use an area rug.


Warm sleeper, closest I get to weight are a couple woven cotton numbers.

Weighted blanked marketing drives me nuts. Minky fabric! (which is just polyester) Breatheable cotton layer! (directly on top of a dense poly layer)

Doesn’t help that my bed is small and I’m over 6’. Most non-queen blankets are on the light side.

edit: Sometime I might try taking a big piece of cotton fabric and quilting steel chain onto the top side.

Eider know about that. :wink:


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