This weighted blanket can stamp out your sleep troubles, and it’s under $50

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I will see your weighted blanket, and raise you one made from lead.

Lead blankets: When you really don’t feel like getting up in the morning!


The boss of our 6 person company got us each one of these for Christmas in 2017 [or maybe 2016]. My household ended up getting another not long after. They’re great, though the sensation of weight goes away after a few minutes, if you use it as a proper blanket. If you bunch it up the sensation seems to last longer.
Down sides: they get really warm, with all the glass beads collecting your body heat.
Up sides: more restful sleep (less fidgeting), and every nighttime trip to get water or whatnot doubles as a mini-Pilates session.


I’m a big guy, I got a 18 lb one, it might be too heavy.

My suggestion is 15 lb is most likely enough.

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For our second one, we went with 20 lb and love it, except the getting under it and getting out from under it part. But we don’t go to the gym anymore, so…


I have a 15-pound weighted blanket which seems to work pretty well for me (I’m about 5’6" and 155 pounds). I have a lot of sleeping problems, chronic insomnia for 15+ years now, actually at a crescendo over the past 5 months, taking some down time from work to try to work through it with doctors, etc.

I do feel the weighted blanket helps a bit, even with the extremeness of my sleep difficulties. I tend to move around a lot in my sleep and to be a very light sleeper in general, and it does seem to settle me.


I’m a lardass and, at 240 lbs, the recommended weight for for me is 25 lbs. However, I went with a 20 pounder because it was much less expensive. I’ve suffered from insomnia for my entire life and while I certainly sleep better under the blanket, there are still issues for me. However, it is comfortable, usually not too hot, and I wouldn’t want to give it up.

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This has been the biggest noticeable benefit in our household. I’m generally a pretty quiet sleeper, but Mr. Linkey (about 6 ft, 165 lb, give or take) is SO restless that it has caused “words” to be exchanged in the middle of the night and grumpy mornings for both. [For the brief time he wore a fit-bit type thing, the sleep tracker thought he was only sleeping about 1.5 hrs per 8 hr night in bed, we think due to all the fidgeting. It was a serious problem.]
First we got a new mattress so the jouncing wasn’t transferred so much, and that helped a bit. But the blanket, that was the real solution. That little extra bit of distributed weight seems to quell the nighttime fidgets, to both of our benefits.


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It only works if you put it on top of you :wink:


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