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Weighted blankets are a thing.



Or vacbeds.

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And if you don’t know why you’ve either never tried one or you’re one of the lucky few who can sleep in a cave with no pillow.

If I do not know why … (etc.), then WHAT, FFS?

Funnily enough I do know why I’ve never tried one, but I do not know why I’m one of the lucky few who can sleep in a cave with no pillow, because I’m not!
So it is not ‘either … or’, either.

Punctuation is important. The ‘if’ needs a ‘then’ for the sentence to be grammatically coherent. If a comma had been inserted after ‘why’ then the ‘then’ would have been implicit, but without the comma it is just a grammatically incomplete sentence. (And, yes, I do have a Pedant Pendant!)

Further, I am one of the many who has not only never tried one but also one of the many who can sleep perfectly well in a normal bed with standard blankets or a standard duvet, but - surprisingly, to the moron that writes this crap - no, I am certain I could not sleep in a cave with no pillow. (Are caves with pillows ‘a thing’ too, now?)

So, no, I do not know why weighted blankets are a thing and I strongly object to being told I must be able to sleep in a cave with no pillow, because I tried that once and I could not find a cave with a pillow. I did try sleeping with a pillow in a cave once but that didn’t work, either.

Bah, humbug! Xmas shit has put my exasperation level to a new low, and at least the BB Store does not snipe back.

Merry Xmas to all and sundry! :wink:

It’s the pressure sensation, something akin to Temple Grandin’s hug machine or…vacbeds. It depends on what you’re looking to get out of it.

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As if I didn’t already have a tough enough time getting out of bed, all I need is a bed actively trying to keep me in it.


Or you can just get nice wool blankets. They’re heavy, they’re warm, and they last for decades. The fancy ones are expensive, but there are less expensive ones out there. And, they last for decades, so the cost now will be spread out over many, many years.

As far as my sister… she was always looking to get out of it. For many years my folk’s overnight guests had the use of a blanket they had acquired from South Korea. It was ornate, extremely thick and heavy, and only ‘let out’ during the cold weather months. To me it seemed more like a medium-size area rug than a blanket, and I said as much to my parents who insisted otherwise. I always slept great under it even though it wasn’t very conformal. My sis’ though always complained of feeling trapped; her morning observations of her ordeal with that blanket went great with breakfast!

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My dad’s mom was a quilter, so whenever we went to Kentucky in winter, out came the heavy blankets and quilts. I’m an “always cold feet” person, so it was good for me.

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