This weighted blanket collection could be your ticket to sleeping through the night

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studies are only beginning to look into the true benefits of sleeping under a weighted blanket

And yet Trump keeps going on and on about it.

Or is that a different nightmare? I can’t keep them straight anymore.


It changed my life. I used to have a lot of trouble going to and staying asleep. The weighted blanket made all the difference

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As one of the thousands of victims of their fraudulent Indiegogo campaign it’s very unpleasant to see BoingBoing advertising and selling their products. I honestly thought you had more of a conscience than that - my own naivety I guess. Anyway I won’t be buying anything more from the BB store.


Only $240* ?”



Oh, and we’ll need your firstborn. Sign here, please! Limited time only!

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You mean you actually DID once buy something from the BB store? So it was you, eh?

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I got my weighted blanket for unde r $50

Last year or the year before I had a stupid idea: Weighted Snuggies.

I’ll give you a moment to internalize how stupid it is.

So if the smallest size is 20 lbs and it is supposed to equal 10% of your body weight, the smallest person who should use one weighs 200 lbs?

My ex uses a different weighted blanket, which I always referred to as the Steak Blanket because it cost about $11/pound. But it turned out to be money very well spent. Made a huge difference in her sleep and her general anxiety. She is also somewhere on the autism spectrum, likely well ‘past’ Aspergers Syndrome, and claimed noticeable help there as well.

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Now Weighted Huggies on the other hand…

…well, often all over both hands before it’s all over and done with…

I would like something with the weight of a comforter or duvet, but not their insulation. I put out a lot of heat when I sleep, and I need it to be pretty cool in the bedroom, but I also like to bundle up, so to speak. Is this the wrong product?

In theory, I’m in favor of weighted blankets. They make sense. Rolling around while sleeping is disruptive and for even us mildly aspy folk, getting crushed a bit by a warm cover is usually heaven. However . . . the few times I’ve slept under weighted blankets, I have woken up, or maybe not woken up, with bad dreams. I’ve had dreams where I’m stuck in quicksand and when I move I get sucked in further. Or, I dream that someone, some thing, has put their arms around me and are smothering me. Or, I dream I’m stuck, just stuck, in a door, in a chair, in a car, on the train. I don’t have dreams like that when I sleep under regular blankets, at least not often. Even during the couple of naps I’ve had under weighted blankets, I’ve woke sweaty, worried, and unhappy. So, I dunno, maybe I’ll get used to it. Maybe. Or, more likely, I just don’t like weighted blankets.

Anyone else have problems with weighted blankets? Maybe it’s just me.

Pushing down on my legs in my sleep does not do wonders for my hips.

What weighted blankets would be like for me:



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