Save the Castro's Theater's mighty Wurlitzer!




Depending on where it's being sold to, that might wind up being the best way to preserve it as an organ.

It'd be preferable to preserve it in place, of course. But the question's going to be whether the theater can come up with the support to justify that...


Is this in a theater? That's being sold off.

I'd suggest contacting the Alabama Organ Society. Not only did they save the Grand Alabama Theater...and the Wurlitzers----that raised from the under the stage.

They made that place a show place a place were people have wedings and stage and lobby are used for corporate bookings. And many other events--concerts...etc.

Corporate sponsor would be good for the level of money you'd need...along with neighborhood support. Movies and concerts...

The author and others of this message can save this...make a historic historic movies. Heck talk to the people up link...if you really super serious about it.

Unfortunately....I'm 2 or 4 orbit and don't have contacts or better info. for the saving of the "Alabama" and it's mighty Organ.


It's been some time since I've been to the Castro Theater. Does the Wurlitzer still get played before screenings?


Yep, they still play the W


I'm actually a bit shocked that the owner, after 30 years, decided to take this thing with him.


Underappreciated? Every time I've seen a movie there I've felt boatloads of appreciation, particularly when the organist breaks into "San Francisco." They appreciate the shit out of that shit.


BoingBoing pet peeve: Posts that can't even get facts right from the link provided. The organ isn't in danger of being sold; it's already owned by a private party who's leaving the Bay Area. So where's it moving to? I'd say a treasure like this should go on the road if at all possible.

This seems like half the story.


Thanks for keeping us honest...


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