Say farewell to LG's occasionally wonderful smartphones

Wait, so you think LG’s unloved phones were killed by those reviews saying they’d break? That was the main unlove I saw going on.

OnePlus could be nicer as far as unlocking firmware.

agies> Android never really did a good job handling SD storage.

Iffy SD storage products made there a bit more to say there, but Android not quite destroyed itself to be a Java-compatible general purpose computer, what did you have in mind?

TFA> …sad to see one less brand.

T shaped phone sees your sadness, and raises you a full-travel full-noise Cherry switch keyboard that comes out the back. CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK…
Okay, not having a choir that recognizes that you read on one V50 or V60 pane and write on the other is regrettable. Not having a G6 developer with something to say in handsets is regrettable. KFC and Souja Boy as handset/console designer brands is regrettable as a greasy phone tipped into a canal. There will be others.

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I agree on the SD card-- they’re a good idea. I’ve had two phones catastrophically fail-- no boot, no access to any data on the phone. With an SD card, you just pop it out of one phone, click it into the next, and voila, your data is restored! I’d hate to lose the external storage option; it’s just too useful.

(Yes, there’s the cloud for backups, but I don’t entirely trust other people’s computers.)

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Bought an LG G4 twice, both died suddenly and completely after a year of use. Manufacturing defect: the power distribution IC would get too hot and eventually desolder itself. LG knew about this, didn’t recall, reimburse, or repair. There’s stuff that LG does well, but this wasn’t one of them and apparently they couldn’t give a crap about the western European market (when it comes to phones at least), so good riddance.

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