Say goodbye to the NUC: Intel to stop making its own mini PCs

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That will explain why they have taken all their nuc drivers off their web site and the drive update tool says nucs are no longer supported, cos god forbid they hand out drivers for their own hardware, I have 300+ nucs all of which download some random windows sound drive that does not work, and we used to use the intel driver agent to put the correct intel driver on, this stopped working about 6 weeks ago and i could not get it off the intel web site, so had to find it on a 3rd party site, no idea what else was included, because intel has decided to just nuke all the drivers off the site like they no longer exists, i had wonder why!


There are drivers there.

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This is a shame. I’ve always described NUCs as “laptops, without the lap or the top parts.”

I liked NUC’s when needed OK graphics, decent CPU and enough RAM, needed reasonably open hardware without too many surprises, and really did not want to think about all of the bits and pieces as much as I do building a desktop.

The compact form factor is great, the power brick bolts under my desk, it doesn’t try to be a light show.


You can update this article.
Intel has come to an agreement with Asus.
They will continue to manufacture them.

Google: Intel and ASUS Agree to Term Sheet to Take Intel NUC Systems Product Line Forward

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