School apologizes for promo photo manipulated to darken students' skin for "diversity"


He says in the previous sentence that they sent the original photo to “an American communications agency,” and it came out doctored. He didn’t say outright “the agency did it,” but that’s the unambiguous intent. Whether it’s true or not I have no idea, but they’re hardly refusing to assign blame.


Aww, give em a break. They’re just giving it the old (American) college try!


Perhaps they were listening to Lola Flores when they did this.


To be fair, where are you going to find a black guy in Wisconsin?


There are 360,000 African Americans in Wisconsin, hardly an insignificant number:


I don’t know. If they truly cared about diversity, they would have followed through on what it truly meant and actually have a true diversity of student s in the pic.


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