University course catalog depicts white men winning again



Pulled for being too accurate? That’s gotta be a first.

Needs a second image showing the head-start the white guys were given.


Maybe it’s NOT because they’re white - they’re just pointing out that business casual is for losers? Also why try to attract 18 year olds to your school with pictures of 30 year olds?




My thought exactly.

“After looking into the issue, we determined that this is an isolated case of unintended honesty poor judgment, and was not intentional,”


They’re also pointing out that the best way to dress for a race is to wear constricting clothing and leather-soled shoes.


I don’t know what surprises me more - that the university had to rely on stock photos for its cover (and didn’t have any pictures of the university or its students they could use), or that the university’s graphic artist was so clueless they couldn’t pick up on the point of the stock photo. Neither really says anything good about the university.

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And what about the actors and actress? The people who produced it.

“Okay, you are going to reproduce how real life works, in a race.”

Black man. 'You got that right man."

Woman. “Who is this photo for?”

Photographer. “Some university’s like to have a photo graphic representation of how white men get all the breaks.”

Woman: “Good.”

Men in suits after the shoot to producer: “We ARE getting paid more than the chick and the black dude right?”

White dude producer: “Duh.”


They don’t call it the Ivory Tower for nuthin…


Oh, you stay classy, UNG!

Given where the campus is (an hour and a half north of Atlanta), I’m sure the school is pretty white, demographic wise. But it looks like a stock photo? Which seems dumb of them.

I’m pretty sure that GSU uses lots of shots from campus on their promotional lit/web site, so you never really have a problem with diversity there (given the diverse student body - I think we might be the most diverse university in the country, or at least one of the most diverse?), I don’t think, but maybe I’m wrong - here is the main page, if you guys want to rip it apart (be my guest!!):


This does not surprise me with when ego and incompetence combine to produce sad hilarity.

Something like this usually goes through a vetting process but these days that is usually overruled by mid-level admins brought in from the corporate marketing world to work at a public university, at least where I’m at. These are all simple yes-men (and women) just towing the line of their six-figure bosses that haven’t a real clue and are only looking for ‘deliverable’. Case in point, I work in the marketing / graphics section of a Sweet Sixteen university in Arizona. One of the group of colleges annual report (which cost 6 figures to produce and took a year because someone’s important) which prides itself on being Arizona has on it’s cover… Utah.

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What bothers me the most is that they have an ! at the end of a question. This is a disturbing trend I’m seeing–ending questions with punctuation marks that are not question marks. “Have you looked over the PowerPoint deck. Let’s meet do discuss.”

This is just an unexpected outbreak of honesty. That is not a question, They do not want to know if you have read the slides. This is an instruction dressed in slightly polite language.

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My personal experience there was that it was pretty cool about diversity in its materials. I think you’re right, I feel like you’d have to go out of your way not to include black students in a random campus photo. I do remember a lot of random snickering from students near my table during the diversity segment of orientation, though. My first semester also came right after the ugly Pi Kappa Alpha incident, but I don’t think that reflected on the student body as a whole. I personally thought black students and white students didn’t hang out with each other that much, but I was a loner, so I’d take that observation with a grain of salt.

I used to think that GSU was terrible for people with disabilities (and it might be) but it’s probably heaven compared to my current campus. Unless you’re wheelchair-bound and you have fifteen minutes to get to Aderhold from the GCB at the height of an Atlanta summer.

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Was that a blackface incident? Before my time. But if anything, over the almost decade I’ve been there, the campus has gotten more diverse.

Still a night mare for people with diablities, though it seems like all the changes downtown are starting to include working on sidewalks, etc. Right now, they have the section of Edgewood between Park and peachtree, along side Hurt park closed down for work, and I think that might include the sidewalks? The section up and down piedmont has tons more foot traffic as they’ve opened like 3 dorms in the past 6 or 7 years on Piedmont. Goes with all the work they did for the streetcar.

Also, they changed GCB to Langdale Hall now, but I still call it GCB. And all the humanities are in one building now (the Suntrust building).

Just out of curiosity, did you ever eat at Alibaba’s? Cause I’m going to do that on Thursday, now that I’m thinking about downtown shops around campus.



What are Sweet Sixteen colleges?

Presumably one that’s good at basketball?

Not my sport, but I guess ASU is in the last 16 of the March Madness thing?

Edit: U of A, even?

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It’s pretty much straight up bigotry to assume what race or sex people might be just by looking at them.

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Aaaand… now I feel old.

I keep meaning to go back to Atlanta at some point. Things sound really different from just four or five years ago. I admit, I’m nostalgia-ing a little right now.

AliBaba’s is still there? The one over by ALC? Yeah, I used to eat there back when I was still religious and hanging out with the MSA. They were one of the few restaurants who were explicitly halal, not that it mattered that much to me personally, but a lot of people in the MSA were pretty serious about it. So if I wanted to eat with them, I’d eat there. I thought it was pretty good back then, but it’s been a while, so I have no idea if they’ve kept up the quality. There’s basically no room inside so if you don’t want to be sitting at a sidewalk table, there’s kind of a general dining area you can descend into via a side door… it’s hard to describe.

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I dunno… I’m probably older or as old as you son… we’re not old, we’re experienced!

Oh yeah. Alibaba’s is the best… I love their gyros. When I was working on my MA, the guy I hung out with most only ate Halal, so it was always a good place for us to break bread together.

I know exactly what you mean. Usually, I like to sit outside and sort of people watch (unless it’s raining)…

If you come for a visit, you can come ride the new street car. Atlanta - it’s like a real city now. With 3 times the hollywood movies…

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