Mothers smile for mugshot photo after arrest for assaulting "too slow" McDonald's worker


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Isn’t that special…


Those aren’t real mugshots are they?


I suppose they’re smiling because they know they won’t face any real charges.


I guess not a big surprise that the women are white and are hamming it up… so yeah, probably no real charges against them.


I submit that nothing, absolutely nothing at McPoison’s is worth committing violence to to get said garbage into your piehole.

PS. Super Size Me…


WTH is wrong with some people? Honestly, to wait for a minimum wage employee who took too long getting your food order and then assault them? In front of your children?

I can’t wait to hear the excuses that these mothers come up for their children when they break the law 10-20 years from now.:astonished:


This can’t be real. Please don’t be real.


I think it’s time we had a serious conversation in this country about white culture.

For the record, I’m having a little trouble believing that a police department would allow or shoot mugshots like this, much less post them. The only outlets to pick this up are all Faux News affiliates, so double suspicious.

  1. I hope this is actually a hoax, but I’m just not interested enough to do the research to find out.

  2. If it is true: how fucked up is it that I’m actually relieved that it’s not anyone of color who did such ignorant shit?

#we_don't_need_ no_more_trouble


Welcome to Donald Trump’s America…


Never been to Chuck-E-Cheese, have you?


I had the impression that people attempting to look attractive in mugshots was an alarming trend that started some time ago. At this rate I expect it will only get worse.


Well, the booking signage looks pretty authentic. Whether the police made them redo the photos or not, these mugshots definitely work against them.

I just think they’re tweakers who are still high.


To be fair, that guy wasn’t intentionally “posing to look good” in his mug shot; it just caught the attention of social media because it was supposedly a very attractive photo:


I see it as a less specific mugshot trend versus people who take too many selfies and reflexively pose for the camera.


I wonder what the Venn overlap is between “narcissists who take lots of selfies” and “entitled people who think they are special and the rules don’t apply to them”?


That place is like the 9th circle of hell or something.


That’s just a negative stereotype about white people from Ohio. Not everyone white person from Ohio is a violent drug addict, man.

Some of them are just entitled assholes.

I personally blame white leaders for tacitly supporting the violent tactics of other white people by not condemning them. I mean, it’s pretty suspicious that Hillary Clinton, as a white person, isn’t talking about how radical caucasians are organizing on our streets and threatening our parades. It’s almost like there’s “something going on” there.


Middle-aged white women are less likely get get beaten up by cops, but there have been a lot of stories in the press recently about policies against smiling in mug shots. They want you to look guilty or hostile or at least subservient, and they’ll beat you up if you don’t. In these idiots’ case, it makes them look drunk or high and stupid enough to have done what they did.