Vogue executive quits after "slave-themed photo" posted

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Some quick and easy slides to add to your next sensitivity training!

Rule number 1: Never arrange people in photos by skin color unless you have really good reason (I can’t think of one, can you? If you think you did, bury it deep inside and never tell anyone!)

Rule number 2: If you must MUST try to do something edgy, try subverting destructive and insidious power structures instead of supporting them. Let’s not even brainstorm a single example you could do! Please. don’t.

Rule Number 3: but really, just don’t. please.


If CEOs want to avoid this happening they will avoid spending time with any employees that are minorities, women, LGBT, etc… but also they can’t be seen with just caucasian employees because that might also send the wrong message. As a last ditch effort to appear unbiased they will live out the rest of their lives in a sealed box.



Better spring for the model with no air holes, so they can’t be overheard “accidentally” letting loose with a racial or homophobic slur.


I know CEOs get the Big Bucks
Remind me again?


So what is the context of all of this? Who set up the party? Who arranged the chair? Who suggested they take a photo with that pose and being flanked by other people? Is this one woman’s bad choice, or was it a party where this sort of thing was expected because it was an “event” to do at the party? If it is the latter, then it is the low hanging fruit being shamed.


People shrug and wonder why H&M was getting so much flack for their recent photo shoot scandal. Because people like this still exist!

Brazil did not end slavery until 1888. In 1997 I met a countess whose parents had owned slaves. The conversation and her attitude were shocking and surreal. This happened in France, and it felt much like the director’s cut of Apocalypse Now with the French hangers on in Vietnam.



Strategic leveraging of synergies. Surprised I have to explain this.


Thanks for clearing that up for me!


“Traditional dress?” Could you perhaps be more vague? Or are all traditions pretty much fungible?

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Well … black skin and white skin exposure differently depending on the light and the background colors.

So, yes.

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Checking the news lately has become checking to see which dumbass that day has decided to announce their retirement by doing or saying something facepalmingly racist.

(Yes, facepalmingly is a word we now need.)


It’s never a good idea to let your appeal to tradition/argument from antiquity get bogged down in verifiable details.

As long as you can keep the facts at bay the focus of the situation remains your belief about an alleged past; something you are a nearly unfalsifiable expert on; rather than some disgustingly empirical matter where you run the risk of encountering an expert who has put more care and effort into understanding the subject you are making a hash of than you’ve every put into anything; and that’s just off message.


This isn’t applicable to the training modules you administer to the human resources for compliance reasons; but the executive sensitivity training should probably include the section on how excessive racism is practically class warfare.

Anyone with a properly developed belief that their net worth directly reflects their moral worth should have the confidence to make use of liveried menials of any race, so long as it’s poor; without the crutch of using a belief in the biological and cultural inferiority of specific types to compensate for inadequate conviction of your superiority on economic grounds.

Exceptions may obviously be made for hirelings whose job description includes being exoticised; evolutionary biology teaches us that some choices are just better than others if that’s a factor, it’s just science; but for basic service purposes nobody with proper conviction of the justice of the current order should hesitate to engage any hireling who can’t really afford to turn the job down; their inferiority should be more than enough.


Technically it’s for assuming liability.

In reality, it’s for nothing or next to nothing.

I’ve worked in IT and seen a ceo’s productivity level.

It’s laughable. They’re basically ornamental.


Combat pay. For being the forefront of the class war, keeping the masses under control.


I call out
*Dereliction of Duty

*“the shameful failure to fulfill one’s duty or obligation”
“…failure to do, or should do, as part of your job…”