Schrödinger versus the morning


What was he doing with a blackboard at the beach in the early 1920s?

It should be obvious. He was solving for the wave equation (of quantum mechanics).


groan followed by [slow clap]

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Are we sure he didn’t just like lying in bed with the covers over him and enjoying the half-awake, half-asleep superposition condition that persists until somebody pulls back the covers and observes him as either awake or asleep?.


He should have just had eine große Tasse Heissenberg Kaffe.

In fact he was so out of it that sometimes when he woke up, he couldn’t tell if his cat was dead or alive.


I feel sad for Schrödinger. A brilliant and accomplished scientist by all accounts, and known to pretty much everyone with a faint interest in science, but only through association with a single paragraph in one of his papers where he mocked a theory he disagreed with.


Yep, he created an entire interpretation of QM by himself (one of the most legendary achievements in the history of science), but he is primarily remembered for that stupid cat.


I would think he was writing something like this:


Well, yeah, that and … The f’in Schrödinger Equation, which is pretty fundamental to anyone who has touched Quantum.

Oh wait. People with a faint interest in science don’t learn quantum?

(slowly backs away while tryng to figure out how to convert the above into a rant against the educational system).

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Yes, what I mean is that a lot (I’d wager a majority) of people who get a Schrödinger’s cat joke don’t know what the Copenhagen interpretation is, and would probably assume that the Schrödinger equation is a mathematical version of the cat thing.

Schrodinger walks into the room, surveys his badly scratched students, and sighs, “I said THOUGHT experiment!”

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