Bird regrets opening a box


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Came here looking for a clever Schroedinger’s cat reference because I can’t think of one myself…


Here’s a longer video.


Wow. for the very first time I am on the cat’s side. Well done kitty.

Christ, what an assparrot.


Always be careful opening boxes.


I think this one’s more of a Pandora reference.

(but Q, Why is there a cat in Pandora’s box?
A, On the internet all unwatched videos are in a 50/50 cat/no-cat superposition. There are commenters in a parallel universe who do not see the cat.)


It’s a real “Parrot dox”


No that’s when a parrot tells the internet where you live or work.


Flipping, the bird.


Heh, cat vs. avian dinosaur. Me likey. Parrots be smart, and cats kind of are, I guess? When they feel like it?


I believe it’s one of the hinges. The lid is tied to the box in two places, and the ties serve as hinges.


Somehow, this encapsulates all of existence. I am completely satisfied.


I see a “useless machine” turned inside out.


BTW Schroenginger thought his cat thing was incredibly stupid. He probably understood quantum mechanics enough to know why this is incredibly stupid. But, if you want an incredibly detailed of just WHY this is incredibly stupid, you need to read ‘Quantum Philosophy’ by an actual physicist named Roland Omnès, probably the best intro to quantum theory that you can find, a sadly overlooked book. It is, of course, incredible. Wait. credible!


Is the cat black and blue or white and gold?


Pauli would later return with a flask of poison and a radioactive source to run a proper experiment.


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