Sci-fi shorts from the Dust channel

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The article thumbnail immediately brought to my mind the game Machinarium from developer Amanita.

Beautiful little point and click adventure game starring an adorable little scrap of a robot. It has plenty of brain twisty puzzles in it and a fun story, told entirely wordlessly.

I played this years ago, but it still popped right into my head.


A show I worked on a few years ago is on the Dust channel


I just watched Prospect on Netflix last night, which I think was produced by Dust (their logo pops up at the beginning). I definitely liked it. Feels like it could take place in the world of Firefly.

Interestingly, I also finished reading the amazing novel Roadside Picnic yesterday, the book by the Strugatsky brothers that inspired Tarkovsky’s film Stalker. Prospect totally gives off a vibe that elements may have been inspired by Roadside Picnic/Stalker, in the same way Annihilation was pretty obviously inspired by same.

I highly recommend the Strugatsky brothers – I read The Doomed City recently, and it is astoundingly good.


I think Dust was really more of a distributor than a producer in the case of Prospect. But year I finally saw it last week in it way exceeded my expectations, and i had heard it was really well done

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I was pleased to see the Dust channel available on my Roku.

The one that stood out was “Slaughterbots”.


still too grim for me. everybody always dies

YouTube suggested this one three years ago to me:

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Don’t miss “Alientologists” - deft production makes its point.

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The New Politics. To offer any details would ruin it, just invest five minutes of your time.

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Just watched “FTL.” Whoa. The ending blew my mind. I had to watch it again.

Orbit Ever After:

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