Sci-Fi Sundays: Amazing Science Fiction, April 1958


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Might be a futuristic super alloy, rather than iron. Might be a low-gravity world. Might be equipped with an anti-gravity unit.

Heck, the kid probably wanders around with it floating on a string…

Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!


“. . . and waking up 30 years younger than your sweetheart.”


Six years off on Laika:


So… what happened to their city?


I just watched a man struggling while carrying a bin, and then 10 minutes of him putting books on a shelf. I’d have been better off watching myself put books on a bookshelf. That way, at least my office would be picked up a little.


Either kidnapped by aliens, or a lone scientist has discovered antigravity and flown it away.


There are four blokes illustrated, two called Jerry and George; two, Anton and Boris . . . 1950s.

Just guessing but probably Communism stole Jerry and Georges’ city?.


…Where the space-pooch bites it hard when that silly projection gets busted.


It’s a shame there’s so little illustration anymore. I suppose they can’t afford it. The cover burns the budget.


Young Glen Beck, before the radiation got to his brain?


Actually the title for that illustration is what the parent in the background is yelling: “Johnny you forgot your suit’s sleeves!”


“One of our cities is missing” is a really good read.


The World of Tomorrow doesn’t include wireless?


Still a bubblehead, though.


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