Soviet Space Dogs


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As a sailor I visited USSR Leningrad in 1981, I grabbed a few of these at craptastic shops for a few copeks each. Very sorry I didn’t hang on them, the vodka is an entirely other story.


Obligatory song:

The title is unfortunately silly but the song is pretty awesome; JoCo has expressed his regrets over the title.


Heros of the space revolution!


Space Walkies!


Laika the Space Dog was female. Heroine!!!


I have this pin. Thanks bay of E!
Laika Pin


Nice. It sort of has the style of a religious “ikon”.


Always reminds me of the film “My Life As A Dog.”


Strelka was too. She was one of the first Earth born animals to go into spaceorbit and come back alive. One of her puppies was given to JFK by Khrushchev.


Puppy dog diplomacy.




I painted Laika at college a couple of years ago; about 6 feet square.


Puppy dog diplomacy is not to be sniffed at.


When I visited the Museum of Jurassic Technology, they had a whole room as a gallery of oil portraits of Russian space dogs. It was delightful.


May I recommend eBayski?


I still have to get out there! although I do have their view-master pics of super-miniature sculptures.


About ten years ago, our very own Boing Boing reviewed Laika, a really heart breaking comic about selfsame pup. I cry every time I read it. Highly recommend it.

While the United States was monkeying about, the Soviet Union was sending dogs into space!

Oh, no. The US monkeys were much later than than the Soviet space dogs. In fact a well known East German song deals with that. It basically says that given that Yuri Gagarin had reached space while the Americans were still messing with monkeys, that they should just give up and accept that space belongs to the socialists.

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