Science themed music video made from remixed public domain footage

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as I should be working I cannot listen to the music, but if you’re interested in space footage and chill-out-music Space Night could be of interest.

it combines (mostly) NASA videos and Creative Commons music, the latter because GEMA (the German collecting society for music) had stupid ideas about the royalities amount.

the central site is here and most of the stuff ended on YT (e.g. this play list)


Me likey!

Some CC-licensed music is pretty good, but I feel like it’s hard to find music I like. Which is why I keep putting the making of YouTube videos on the backburner (along with everything else on the backburner.)

2 Likes is probably the largest platform for CC music - the user interface is a little bit underwhelming and I don’t like the changes of the platform* but if your taste in music is a little bit like mine** it is still a good place to find new stuff.

Singleton is imo excellent, a band I would have never heard without this platform

* it’s not possible to contact the artists anymore, and they even killed the donation button a few months ago
** there is more or less no music genre I refuse completely


Wow, thanks so much for the tip, @renke. Space Night is awesome!!

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Hey @ActionAbe, I love your chemistry blog! I’m not sure what kind of youtube videos you’re making, or more importantly what kind of music you want in them, but I actually make a lot of music for film & video. You can check out my film score stuff here, and if you’re interested in collaborating, let’s talk!

@mspong yessssss

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